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DWI Attorney, Putnam County, New York

If you are facing DWI charges in Putnam County, New York, you might not realize just how much is at stake—The Inniss Firm, PLLC, can help you save more than just your driver’s license.

Whether you are 10 minutes from your home in Carmel Hills or just passing through on I-84, it is all too easy to get pulled over by Putnam County’s vigilant law enforcement officers. Say or do the wrong thing, or just get unlucky, and next thing you know, you are being booked and charged with Driving While Intoxicated, New York’s Driving Under the Influence charge.

No matter whether you call it DWI or DUI, if you end up facing either in a Putnam County Justice Court, you are going to need a good lawyer because the consequences of a conviction can extend a lot further than most realize. Fortunately for you, there are lawyers out there who focus on minimizing the damage DWI charges can do to your freedom, future, and career.

As a former State Trooper turned DWI defense attorney, Randall Inniss has been on both sides of the judicial system when it comes to DWI cases in New York. He has seen firsthand the damage a DWI conviction can cause, and is here to warn you about it, because you deserve to know what is at stake.

Breaking Down Putnam County DWI Charges

The first thing to understand about Driving While Intoxicated charges in New York is that they are a sliding scale, ranging from minor infractions to drastic felonies. While the latter are rare and reserved for drunk driving cases that result in deaths, serious injuries, or the endangerment of children, even the lighter misdemeanor charges that make up the majority of convictions can have severe consequences on your life and future.

The exact charge you get stuck with depends on a wide variety of factors. Everything from your age (Zero Tolerance Law) to your exact blood alcohol level (Driving While Ability Impaired vs. Driving While Intoxicated vs. Aggravated DWI) and more contribute to the qualification of your criminal charge.

Obviously, there is one more factor that influences your charge, but it is not one that everyone can benefit from the skills of an experienced DWI defense attorney. The talents of your lawyer not only come in handy when negotiating down a DWI charge but also when trying to avoid the consequences that can come with a conviction.

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What Is At Stake In A Putnam County DWI Case?

DWI Attorney, Putnam County, New York

While the sheer variety of DWI charges is difficult enough for an ordinary New York resident to follow, each one comes with a wider variety of legal consequences. Starting with maximum penalties outlined for each specific charge and varying with the number of times you have been previously convicted for Driving While Intoxicated. These include:

Regardless of whether these penalties seem severe or mild, they are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the consequences of a DWI conviction in Putnam County DWI on your freedom, future, and career.

What Freedoms Are At Risk In Putnam County DWI Cases

Your freedom is always at stake when you are charged with Driving While Intoxicated in Putnam County or any of New York’s courts. While the odds of receiving hard prison time are quite low, a DWI conviction is likely to come with jail time, which, even if you are released on bail or probation, implies a certain loss of freedom for the duration.

The restraints do not stop there; unfortunately, most DWI convictions will come with substantial driver’s license suspensions. Whether it is for six months or 12, losing your driving privileges is a serious blow to your mobility and, hence, your freedom.

Then, there are all the secondary freedoms that can be impacted by a criminal conviction in New York and beyond. For example, many states may withdraw gun permits or licenses from officers or ordinary citizens convicted of a DWI, or prevent you from obtaining one in the future.

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Professional Peril From DWI Charges In Putnam County

DWI Attorney, Putnam County, New York

If you are a long-haul teamster traveling through New York or a commercial vehicle delivery driver for Amazon in Putnam County, it is quite obvious how a DWI conviction and license suspension will tank your career. However, they are far from the only professionals who need to worry about a DWI conviction.

After all, gun permits and driver’s licenses are not the only state or federal privileges you can lose. If you work in any number of sectors that require state professional licenses – such as doctors, nurses, paramedics, social workers, even lawyers – that license can very easily be put at risk by a criminal conviction.

Some may have their license taken away automatically, others will have to go through specific courses, and some will find themselves embroiled in professional misconduct investigations and procedures. The loss or suspension of a professional license to practice, even temporarily, can spell financial catastrophe or the ruin of your career.

And that is only one way a conviction will put your future in peril.

Why A DWI Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Future

We’ve seen how a New York DWI conviction can impact your current freedoms and career, but a distressingly large number of those charged with DWI in Putnam County are too young to even have those yet.

If you are in high school or college, a DWI conviction against you can be extremely harmful to your education, which, in turn, can affect the rest of your life. Some schools will suspend you for a criminal conviction; others will refuse your application outright.

Fortunately for students and everyone else charged with Driving While Intoxicated in Putnam County and New York in general, there are highly qualified DWI lawyers out there who can help you avoid a conviction or the worst consequences of one.

A Putnam County DWI Defense Lawyer Who Understands The Consequences Of Conviction

Randall Inniss | When you are facing DWI charges with consequences for your freedoms, career, and future, you deserve a defense lawyer who has built his career around them.

If you have been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated in Putnam County, New York, do you fully understand the consequences of a conviction? Do you have any idea how to avoid them?

Randall Inniss does. As a state trooper for over twenty years and a DWI defense lawyer for nearly as long, he has built a career around preserving the rights, freedoms, and careers of people just like you.

The sooner you call (845) 533-0265 and get him on your side, the more likely it is that he will be able to help avoid the worst of the consequences of your arrest and maybe even get the case thrown out without a conviction.

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