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Top Rated Criminal Defense Attorney In Orange County, NYCommon Criminal Defense Cases In New York

  • DWI or DWAID (Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs, as per Vehicle and Traffic Law, section 1192)
  • Internet Crimes (Including representation for victims of Revenge Porn in civil matters)
  • Criminally Negligent Homicide (Penal Law, section 125.10)
  • Larceny (Penal Law, section 155.00)
  • Marijuana Possession (Penal Law, section 221.00)
  • Narcotics Possession (e.g., heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine; Penal Law, section 220.00)
  • Prescription Drug Sales/Possession (Penal Law, section 220; plus Public Health Law regarding out-of-container possession)
  • Harassment (Penal Law, sections 240.25, 240.26, and 240.30)
  • Domestic Violence (Including Harassment 2nd Degree, Assault, and “mandatory arrest” situations)
  • White Collar Crime (Embezzlement – Penal Law, section 155.00)
  • Violation of Probation (Criminal Procedure Law, section 410.00; Penal Law, section 65)
  • Traffic Tickets (Including speeding and collision tickets under the Vehicle and Traffic Law)
  • CDL and Truckers Representation (For issues such as overweight, NY HUT tickets, or Safety Rating challenges)

Enlist An ‘XTROOPER’ To Defend Your Criminal Charge!

Being charged with a crime often leaves individuals feeling like they’re confronting insurmountable odds – and understandably so.

Faced with an unbeatable system, it may seem tempting to plead guilty. However, I assure you, a guilty plea is not always the wisest course of action, especially without first consulting a proficient defense attorney to review your case and charges.

Enter The Inniss Firm, PLLC, where we strive to assist you every step of the way. Criminal charges can linger, impacting your life indefinitely. Whether or not you committed the crime, an experienced Hudson Valley, NY, criminal law attorney can play a pivotal role in navigating your case through court.

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Dual Perspective: We Have A Police And Legal Background

At The Inniss Firm, PLLC, we are here for you. Principal attorney Randall F. Inniss, with his 22 years as a State Trooper and extensive experience as a criminal law attorney, possesses a unique familiarity with the court and criminal justice system and police operations. This in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the criminal justice system—from both the vantage points of a former officer and a criminal defense attorney—can be immensely valuable in resolving your case. His insight into officer mentality, case development from inception, and the nuances of crime scene examination are not for the inexperienced.

Such a background in police work and crime scene examination is rare and can ultimately lead to a more favorable resolution in your case. There are complexities in reviewing police reports and benefits to scrupulously investigating the alleged crime scene. It is advantageous to have someone who will attentively listen and scrutinize all facets of the allegations. Believe in yourself and understand that you deserve this high-caliber representation.

Be Well-Represented, Don’t Fight Alone

Never try to navigate a criminal charge without counsel’s review. It is improbable that you are fully aware of your exposure level, including the collateral consequences of a criminal conviction. Most courts will insist on you being represented by an attorney and appoint one if you cannot afford to retain one privately.

A New York criminal and DWI defense attorney can better prepare you for your case outcome. For many, there are perceived crucial aspects of the case—like “he didn’t read me my rights!”—that might not impact your outcome. Misunderstandings surrounding your case can lead to unrealistic expectations. Engaging with the right skilled criminal defense attorney can help you navigate through common misconceptions and elucidate the core issues to steer you towards a successful conclusion.

Facing criminal charges is daunting, and the odds can often seem stacked. However, the right attorney can make a substantial difference. Ensure you consult and hire a defense attorney focused on criminal law and experienced in what you’re facing.

The professionals at The Inniss Firm, PLLC boast unparalleled expertise—both as a former cop and as an attorney specializing in criminal defense—which can guide your criminal matter to a successful resolution. Don’t leave your future to chance!

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With over 22 years of State Police experience, we fight to preserve your license, career, and reputation. Concerned about your career, reputation, or standing professionally and in the community? Need guidance or information on what comes next in your case? We can provide immediate assistance and answers to questions regarding your arrest and criminal charges. Our experience spans several decades in the criminal justice system—working in law enforcement for the State Police and as a Criminal Defense attorney.

Randall Inniss, Esq.

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