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When preparing your defense, your attorney will need some key things from you when mitigating the severity of a conviction in a DUI case, including:

  • Your Detailed Account Of Events

Provide a thorough narrative of the events leading up to the arrest, including any interactions with law enforcement.

  • Chemical Test Results

Share information about any chemical test results conducted during the arrest, such as breath or blood tests.

  • Witnesses And Evidence

Identify any potential witnesses or evidence that may support your case. This could include surveillance footage, receipts, or other relevant documentation.

To further assist my client, I have created a comprehensive DWI Worksheet, which includes specific questions designed to aid you in the defense process. This worksheet is structured chronologically in the manner police-conducted impaired motor vehicle investigations tend to unfold, preparing you to handle the altercation as best as possible.

Of course, memory lapses during stressful situations are common. Don’t worry though – not being able to remember specific details doesn’t necessarily indicate you have a weak case. Your attorney can assist in reconstructing events and gathering evidence independently.

When Plea Deals Come Into Play

For first-time offenders, a plea deal might include reduced charges or penalties, such as probation, fines, or mandatory education programs. Before accepting a plea deal, your attorney will work to gather evidence, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case, and formulate a robust defense strategy. They can also negotiate for reduced charges, lesser penalties, or alternative sentencing options, as well as present evidence of rehabilitation and character references to the court.

Of course, plea deals can be offered at various stages along the timeline of a case, but they are most often presented after all discovery in the case has been collected. (Discovery is the legal term for evidence.) So while your attorney may not have all discovery used by the prosecution by the time the first plea deal is offered, they will work to obtain and review relevant evidence before advising on how to move forward.

While you’re on this journey, it’s important to keep in mind that penalties for DWI convictions can range from fines, license suspension, ignition interlock device installation, and even jail time. What’s more, the consequences of conviction are typically more severe for those who go to trial than for those who choose to accept a plea deal. As such, it is vital to have an attorney working to develop the most vigorous defense possible and guiding you as you determine how to find the best outcome for your case at each step of the way.

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