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Overwhelmed by DWI charges? Not sure how to get justice? Let Randall Inniss take your case, and give you the tailored, insightful DWI defense that you deserve.

Being pulled over by an officer and charged with a DWI can be a frightening, disorienting experience. No matter your standing in life, these charges can feel impossible to fight effectively, and knowing where to turn for trustworthy, effective legal help can be a serious challenge.

Worry no more. Randall Inniss is a current DWI defense attorney and former New York State Trooper who brings with him over 22 years in law enforcement and legal defense. This unique and invaluable combination of experience allows him to fight for you with in-depth and insightful knowledge of both sides of the system.

Don’t let a DWI charge in Sullivan County overwhelm you, or take away your peace of mind. Allow a compassionate, professional, hard-working attorney with the experience and insights you need to fight for you and take your case.

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What Happens During A DWI Charge?

DWI Attorney, Sullivan County, NY

It’s important to remember that people from all walks of life can find themselves facing a DWI charge. Doctors, educators, high-ranking executives, and public figures can all be accused of driving while intoxicated. Getting the strongest legal help possible means not only getting back to your daily life, but also safeguarding your social reputation, professional licenses, and future.

In the State of New York, a DWI charge means that you’re charged with driving a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content level of 0.08% or more, or driving with other evidence of intoxication.

What are the consequences of being found guilty of a DWI charge in New York?

Without personal and detailed knowledge of the laws and procedures involved, you may wind up facing charges that you don’t deserve or harsher penalties than the situation warrants. And these charges can impact relationships, professional opportunities, and family life for years to come.

How Can A Lawyer With Law Enforcement Experience Help Me?

Attorney Randall Inniss isn’t simply experienced in law enforcement; he’s also a former State Trooper and former Certified Breathalyzer Officer. As a result, he’s been on both sides of hundreds of DWI cases, and has an unmatched, insider’s understanding of the very processes that lead to your arrest.

Randall Inniss understands exactly how arresting officers are trained to handle information, and the facts they tend to instinctively leave out of their paperwork. When you’re arrested for a DWI, the approach an officer takes, as well as the details he chooses to include or exclude in his reports can have a huge bearing on your case.

Remember, the job of law enforcement is to arrest you, not defend you or plead your cause. As a result, their description of events can be geared towards proving guilt, instead of being objective or fair.

Allow a seasoned, compassionate attorney with a professional background in DWI arrests to help you understand the law, argue your case, and bring to light the entirety of what happened that night. Let attorney and former State Trooper Randall Inniss present the facts and help you get back to life with greater freedom and composure.

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Randall Inniss, Your Eagle-Eye, Hard-Working Personal DWI Attorney In Sullivan County, NY

DWI Attorney, Sullivan County, NY

Don’t trust your DWI case to any lawyer. Call Attorney Randall Inniss today for tailored, insightful legal help when you need it the most.

Facing a DWI charge can be frightening, and often life-changing. Don’t leave such an important case to chance, or to a less qualified attorney. If you’re facing a DWI arrest in Sullivan County, New York, call Attorney Randall Inniss today.

With over 22 years in law enforcement, DWI cases, and legal representation, he brings with him a supremely unique set of skills, and the compassion, insight, and dedication to make sure that you get justice. The whole truth deserves to come out, and your case deserves tailored, precision representation.

Call Attorney Randall Inniss today at (845) 533-0265, for an complimentary consultation. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A DWI doesn’t need to derail your plans, career, or good name. Let a uniquely qualified, professional lawyer review your DWI case today, and help you get back on the road to peace and good standing.

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