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Have you been charged with Driving While Intoxicated in Rockland County, New York? Get former state trooper and breathalyzer-certified investigator turned DWI defense lawyer Randall Inniss to defend your case, license, and future.

Every month, hundreds of traffic cases, including innumerable charges of Driving While Intoxicated, end up in front of one or more of Rockland County’s infamous Justice Courts. These local courts operate at the village or town level but handle cases of New Yorkers or others who have been charged with one or more traffic violations in their village or town.

A life hangs in the balance in virtually every DWI case. Not because heads will roll but because license withdrawals and convictions have repercussions that ripple out across your life and seriously harm your future. This is especially tragic when the case could have been dismissed, beaten, or never should have been brought in the first place.

These cases are all too familiar to DWI defense lawyer Randall Inniss, both through his years of work defending accused New Yorkers in Rockland County Justice Courts but also because he spent over two decades before that serving as a State Trooper certified to make DWI arrests. He knows all about the flaws in state DWI cases and how to beat them to save your license and future.

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Why Is Getting A DWI Conviction So Devastating?

DWI Defense Attorney, Rockland County, New York

Few things are as stressful as being pulled over by the police on a Rockland County segment of the New York State Thruway and the Palisades Interstate Parkway, regardless of whether or not you have had a drink. The next few minutes might catapult your life off a cliff higher than any of the Hudson River Palisades.

Any police pullover can result in an arrest, even if you haven't had more than a glass to drink, and sometimes less even than that. The resulting criminal charges for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) might seem fairly routine; the officers will certainly do their best to make you feel that way, but the consequences for a conviction are anything but routine.

At the very least, you stand to lose your driver’s license. For most Americans, especially New Yorkers driving through Rockland County, that license is a requirement for your work, family life, and freedom. But the problems don’t stop there, for any professionals, especially with some form of state license, from nurses to lawyers and doctors, may stand to lose that vital license.

A criminal conviction of any kind can severely and negatively impact your license to work in New York, especially for state-certified professionals like social workers or doctors. DWIs are not the only risk, but they are by far the most common, easy to get charged with, and easy to beat if you have the help of an experienced lawyer and former trooper like Randall Inniss.

Why Choose A Former State Trooper As Your DWI Defense Lawyer?

With over 100 Breathalyzer arrests under his belt, Randall Inniss’s time as a state trooper on New York highways left him with a deep familiarity with the procedures, practices, and flaws of Rockland County DWI arrests and cases.

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DWI Defense Attorney, Rockland County, New York

As a former trooper, Randall Inniss knows the tricks police officers will try to use, what happens during arrests, how to interpret police reports, and how to cross-examine their testimony to ensure you get the best possible defense. As a defense attorney, he is equipped to negotiate down the charges you face, help you build a strong defense, or find alternate sentencing options or diversion programs you can benefit from.

As a result, his help will be invaluable in keeping that conviction off your record and securing your rights, freedom, and future from a DWI.

Call Now For Your Best Chance Of Avoiding A Rockland County DWI Conviction

The Inniss Firm, PLLC | Your Rockland County DWI defense lifeline to save your job and future after an arrest in New York.

Ultimately, the most important factor for avoiding any professional or personal consequences from a DWI charge is to make sure you do not get convicted of it. And that means getting a competent and experienced defense attorney on your side.

Randall Inniss’s extensive experience both as a police officer and DWI defense lawyer makes him among the best possible choices to handle your case. Call his office now at (845) 533-0265 if you or a loved one have been arrested or charged with a DWI in Rockland County or anywhere else in New York.

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