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Is your driver's license or professional license under threat after a DWI arrest in Ulster County, New York? Contact former State Trooper turned DWI defense attorney Randall Inniss.

One minute, you can be roaring down I-87 in Ulster County, the next minute, you can be staring up at a state trooper and facing criminal charges for Driving While Intoxicated. Worse, that DWI or DUI charge could mean a loss of your license. It's not just your driver’s license either, which is bad enough. But if you have any sort of professional or state-issued license, that could be suspended or lost as well, meaning those few minutes can put your entire career in jeopardy.

As a former New York State Trooper, Randall Inniss has seen this happen all too often. But begging your arresting officer or getting angry at them will do no good at all. What you need is to get a defense attorney on your side who understands the legal system, DWI charges, and DWI evidence like no other. You need Randall Inniss.

As your DWI defense lawyer, Randall Inniss will put his considerable experience as both a Breathalyzer aproved DWI investigative officer in New York, and his years spent defending those charged with DWIs, to work saving your license and minimizing the damage of this few minutes. It might take him weeks, but the consequences might be felt for years.

Why Is My License At Risk After A DWI Charge In Ulster County?

DWIs are some of the most commonly faced criminal charges in New York, so much so, that it is all to easy for you to forget that they are, in fact, criminal charges. Whether you are facing a felony DWI because someone got seriously hurt, or a basic misdemeanor DWI, a conviction will represent a black mark against you, and quite possibly on any licenses you might hold.

Your driver’s license is the first, obvious, victim of a conviction. In fact you might even have it suspended before hand, and have to beg for a temporary one from the DMV while you await your trial. For commercial vehicle drivers and truckers, in particular, this can spell disaster for their work and career. But a DWI conviction can end other careers too.

But it is not the only license at stake. A conviction in Ulster County can impact any sort of state-issued professional license in New York. If you are a doctor, nurse, social worker, any sort of police officer or corrections officer, heck, even a lawyer, if your license is not canceled outright by a conviction, a DWI could lead to professional misconduct investigations that imperil it.

Which is why it is vitally important that you avoid any DWI conviction with the help of an experienced defense attorney.

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How Can DWI Defense Attorney Randall Inniss Help You Avoid An Ulster County Conviction

DWI Attorney, Ulster County, New York

If you get in touch with a defense attorney promptly after your DWI arrest, even during it, there is a lot they can do to avoid some of the more harmful consequences of the charges against you, including those against your professional license(s).

DWI Arrests are complicated affairs, just ask Randall Inniss, who has participated in over 100 of them. It is all too easy for an arresting or investigating officer to make a mistake. It is even easier for you to make one.

Having a defense attorney on your side throughout the process can help you avoid costly mistakes that lead to a conviction. In addition, if law enforcement officers have made any errors in procedure or evidence gathering, your attorney may be able to get those results thrown out or called into question, leading to the whole case against you being thrown out and the charges dropped or reduced.

But only if you get in touch with one quickly or have as many possible details from the process memorized and recorded.

While law enforcement is inherently interested in keeping drunk drivers off the streets, they also want to resolve cases quickly and do not always seek maximum penalties. Your DWI lawyer will know how to negotiate with the prosecution to settle on a plea deal in which you accept some consequences but avoid the worst ones.

For example, by reaching out and being cooperative, you might, with the help of a skilled attorney, be able to get your Ulster County DWI misdemeanor charge reduced to a simple infraction. Such a conviction does not come with the same reporting obligations or negative impact on professional licenses in New York.

Doing so, however, requires familiarity with both the laws and the individuals who enforce and implement them. Which is why a DWI defense attorney is essential.

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DWI Attorney, Ulster County, New York

In an ideal case, your attorney will be able to get the charge tossed out, or negotiated down to a lesser charge whose consequences will be far less harmful to your life or career. Unfortunately, such options are not always available, sometimes you’ll need to go before a judge, but even there, your attorney can make a difference.

There are large number of sentencing options, including diversion programs for first time offenders and other outcomes which might negate much of the harm of a DWI conviction. Only an experienced attorney knows the full range of sentencing options available, much less which pnes will be the best for you and how to obtain them.

As always though, the more time you give your attorney to help you, the better their odds of being able to make that crucial difference which could save your drivers license and/or professional license.

Call An Ulster County DWI Defense Attorney Who Gets It

The Inniss Firm, PLLC | A former State Trooper to ensure your rights and career are safeguarded when facing DWI charges in Ulster County, New York.

Having an attorney on your side is crucial. But when your future, career, and professional license are at stake, you don’t need just any other attorney.

As a former state trooper with on-the-ground experience with DWI arrests and chemical tests, Randall Inniss is perfectly suited to tackle the toughest and most important of DWI cases: yours.

Do not wait until your license is on the line in Ulster County, New York; call the Inniss Firm at (845) 533-0265.

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